Weeds Season 6 : Spoilers, cast & Episode List

Weeds Season is the Comedy-drama and created by Jenji Kohan. It has already premiered its 5 seasons, now Weeds season 6 has been premiered from 16 August 2010 at 10ET/PT on Showtime. Numerous people enjoyed the first couple of seasons of the delightful Mary Louise Parker as suburban pot dealer drama. Elizabeth Perkins (Celia Hodes) announced in May 2010, that she will be leaving the series. Character of Linda will be played by Linda Hamilton. Linda will help Nancy in her business along with her partner Fiona. Mark-Paul Gosselaar has been cast in one episode of the season 6.

Weeds season 6 is a single-camera comedy about a single mother, who sells marijuana in the fictional suburb of Agrestic, California. The dirty little secrets are exposed by the series that lie behind the pristine lawns and shiny closed doors of homes in this gated community. Suburban mom character is played by Mary Louise Parker. Suburban mom resorts to sell weed to support her family after her husband unexpectedly dies. The series is produced and written by Jenji Kohan.

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In the season 6 promo of ‘Weeds’, Nancy (played by Mary-Louise Parker) was disposing a croquet mallet, passport, cell phone and a gun before escaping from the police, while April Smith and the Great Picture Show’s ‘Terrible Things’ soundtracks the scene. In premieres’ ridiculousness is that there is a silver-lining which offers up a resolution to Andy’s almost wife Audra (Alanis Morissette) being held hostage by an anti-abortionist stalker, while with a Croquet stick, Silas, Andy and Nancy attempt to come to grips with Shane knocking off Pilar in the swimming pool.

Cast of Weeds Season 6:

Demián Bichir as Esteban Reyes
Mo Gallini as Daniel
Alexander Gould as Shane Botwin
Justin Kirk as Andy Botwin
Patricia Lentz as Pediatric Nurse
Alanis Morissette as Dr. Audra Kitson
Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin
Hunter Parrish as Silas Botwin
Rico E. Anderson as Pat the Bartender
Heather Ankeny as Julie
Hemky Madera as Ignacio
Cassius Willis as Piano Man
Chihye Chung as Jane
Liz Montgomery as Rich Woman
Adam Rose as Joe Knock
Fred Cross as Interpreter
Brent Tarnol as Student Reporter
Fred Cross as Interpreter
Julie Michaels as Sandy
Justin Reed as Diner Patron
John Lacy as Bruce (uncredited)
Dale Dickey as Sugarpop
James Earl as Simon
Steven Anthony Lawrence as Keith
James Shanklin as Sheriff’s Deputy
James Sharpe as Man
Helen Kelly as Woman at the Baptism (uncredited)
Samantha Bailey as Gloria’s Kid
Ernie Grunwald as Penguin
Kiva Jump as Gloria
Kevin Nealon as Doug Wilson
Hunter Parrish as Silas Botwin
Shane Schoeppner as Concert Attendee

Weeds Season 6 Episode Guide

Season 6, Episode 1, entitled: Thwack
Aired on: 16 August 2010
Synopsis: After Pilar’s death, Nancy and her family have to run, but Andy doubts about leaving.

Season 6, Episode 2, entitled: Felling and Swamping
Will be released on: 23 August 2010
Synopsis: Nancy and her family have to find a destination for their run, while Esteban has to answer some questions of the authorities.

Season 6, Episode 3, entitled: A Yippity Sippity
Will be released on: 30 August 2010
Synopsis: Nancy becomes a scab labor in a Seattle hotel while Shane looks after Stevie and Doug goes back to Ren Mar.

Season 6, Episode 4, entitled: Bliss
Will be released on: 13 September 2010
Synopsis: Nancy made a deal with the concierge and Shane becomes part of a mommy group. Meanwhile, Doug is questioned.

Season 6, Episode 5, entitled: Boomerang
Will be released on: 20 September 2010
Synopsis: The Botwins’ flight continues after a parking violation and Doug gets into a hostage situation.

Season 6, Episode 6, entitled: A Shoe for a Shoe
Will be released on: 27 September 2010
Synopsis: Nancy brings her son back while Andy and Silas wait in a diner.

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