La Reina del Sur Premiere & Episode Guide

“La Reina Del Sur”, a television novel series has been premiered on 28 Feb. 2011 at Telemundo, a network of America that telecasts the series in Spanish-language. Episodes of series will be telecasted during the month of February, March and April.

Actually, La Reina Del Sur (literally “Queen of the South”) is the name of book, written by Arturo Perez-Reverte author. The book has been distributed in 30 countries with 19 different languages. La Reina Del Sur became most viewed novela premiere in Telemundo’s record with 2.4 million total viewers because of Kate Del Castillo, a Mexican actress.

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The series contain international casts including Mexican, Spanish and Colombian. Kate Del Castillo plays main role of Teresa Mendoza and Rafael Amaya Plays main role of hero as an El Guero. Directed by Mauricio Cruz and produced by Walter Doehner, La Reina Del Sur series has been shot in different place including Colombia, Morocco, Spain and Mexico. Kate Del Castillo won ‘Triumph of Love’ from Univision competition on the opening day of series.

The series is based on Teresa Mendoza character, who is forced to live in world of drug trafficking. The series takes a view in the life of Teresa from innocent girl to a woman of underworld. A beautiful young woman of Mexico, Teresa Mendoza, falls in love with the wrong man, El Guero Davila (Rafael Amaya). Her life has been changed after the entry of handsome young man in her life. Guero was associated with drug trafficking activity under the authority of Epifanio Vargas, a powerful criminal boss. Simple phone call changed the life of Teresa forever.

Her lover has informed that if the phone rang meant he was dead and his foes will come to handle the business. Teresa run away at the Melilla, a Spanish city in North Africa with the help of Epifanio Vergas. At there she meets local drug trader, Santiago. After association with Santiago, she involves into criminal underworld. One day, Santiago is killed during the fight with coat guard and Teresa is arrested.

Teresa meets Theo Alcharafe, who is Spanish lawyer and assist Teresa to make a drug dealing legally. She falls in love with Theo and becomes pregnant from Theo. She comes to know that her first lover, Raimundo, was killed by boss Epifanio Vergas. She decides to come back at Mexico and meet Epifanio boss with aim to take revenge.

Episodes list of “La Reina Del Sur”

First episode: Correr para vivir
Air date: 28 Feb. 2011

Second episode
Air date: 1 March, 2011

Third episode
Air date: 2 March, 2011

Fourth episode
Air date: 3 march, 2011

Fifth episode
Air date: 4 March, 2011

Sixth episode
Air date: 7 march, 2011

Seventh episode
Air date: 8 March, 2011

Eighth episode

Air date: 9 March, 2011

Ninth episode
Air date: 10 march, 2011

Tenth episode
Air date: 11 March, 2011

Telemundo network gets first rank among all the station in Miami, Houston and New York by broadcasting La Reina Del Sur series. Among 2.4 million of viewer, it has 1.5 million adults viewer between the age group of 18-49 that makes the telenovela premiere as a most viewed premier of Telemundo network.

Series becomes second highest rated series novel premier in the Los Angeles and Chicago among the age group of 18-49. 80,000 unique visitors visit on website for video streaming, extra scene of casts and content of La Reina Del Sur series.

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