InkMasters – A new Tattoo Competition Series by Spike TV

American cable television channel, ‘Spike TV’ which is part of MTV networks has announced the first Ink tattoo competition series, ‘InkMasters’ on 16th March, 2011. The announcement of new series is made by Spike TV’s executive vice president, Sharon Levy. The production of the series will start in May 2011 and it will air in summer with six episode including 5 one hour semi-final round and 1 one-hour championship finale. Original media and Charlie Crown will produce the ‘InkMasters’ series.

InkMasters - A new Tattoo Competition Series by Spike TV

US People and other country people become crazy about tattoo. As per the recent estimate, almost 40 million Americans have at least one tattoo on their body, so everyone has one question in their mind about who is the most excellent tattoo artist? To get the solution about this question, American cable television channel, Spike TV has decided to start the first tattoo competition series, ‘InkMasters’ which will feature nation’s best tattoo artists on a mission to decide who is the best in their skills. The winner of the series will get the huge cash prize.

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The whole series is set with total six episodes in which it will focus on a particular tattoo type including portraits, tribal or cover-up. During the competition, contestant (artists) will battle with other artist in different type of challenges including making of an ethnic tattoo using person initials or copying of a landscape painting. All diverse challenge will measure the technical skill and immediate creativity of the artist.

The main risk of the show is that artists will present their unalterable artwork on real people’s bodies. It is a very risky competition compare to other reality show. Client’s emotional response toward the tattoo will be a huge factor in the show. In this series, artists will deal with different type of clients in which some people getting their first tattoo and some has already carried artists’ handiwork. Satisfying experienced tattoo client will be a main part in determining the winner.

The performance of the artists will be judged by three judges who are ubiquitous in the world of tattoo. The name of the judges are not announced yet. At the end of the show, judges will select winner who will get the title of the “Ultimate InkMaster” and cash prize.