Does ABC renew V for season 3?

The news for the renewal of ABC’s V series season 3 is still not confirmed, but it is just thought of its producers. One of the producers of the V series thinks that there is a chance to renew for season 3. After this news, Steve Pearlman wrote on the show’s official Facebook page: “Despite what you read online, the ratings for V have been OK and the show has a chance of being renewed for a third season.

Does ABC renew V for season 3?
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American science fiction television series, V’s first season was started on 3rd November 2009 and at that time, it ended up with averaging a 2.25 rating and popular between 18 to 49 ages of people. Second season of the series has been recently released on 4th January, 2011. Both seasons of the series are created by Kenneth Johnson. The first season of the series consisted of 12 episodes, while the second season of the series is set with 10 episodes, so if the series will release it third season then it may be set with at least 10 episode.

The first four episodes of first season of V series averaged 9.75 million viewers, but when the series back in 2010 in new timing, the series final episode averaged 5.72 million viewers. Jack Landry, Valerie Stevens, Tyler Evans, Erica Evans, Anna, Chad Decker, and Ryan Nichols were the main characters of the series, from which some of them removed for second season and for third season it may come with some new comers. The second season of the series opened with Red Rain episode and continues the action from the last season finale when Anna unleashed Red Sky on the planet. V season 2 is attracting less viewers compared to first season, so the idea of renewal for third season is not good for series.