Cartoon Network’s Animated Movie ‘Firebreather’ Trailer

In this week Cartoon Network has released first original CGI movie, ‘Firebreather’ on 24th November, 2010.  The latest animated series is packed with thrilling and complicated action sequences and based on the same name comic book by Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn. ‘Peter Chung’s directed movie is written by Jim Krieg. Watch out the ‘Firebreather’ Trailer to know the brief story about the movie.

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‘Firebreather’ voice cast:

  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Belloc
  • Reed Diamond as Barnes
  • Jesse Head as Duncan Rosenblatt
  • Dana Delany as Margaret Rosenblatt
  • Dante Basco as Kenny Rogers
  • Josh Keaton as Troy
  • Amy Davidson as Jenna
  • Tia Texada as Isabel

Firebreather Plots:

The story of the Firebreather go behind 16-year-old Duncan Rosenblatt who connects with his extra looks, extraordinary abilities, typical girl difficulty and an alienated father, 127 foot monster named Belloc who wants an association with his son. Duncan’s mother desires him to complete high school and live normal life.  Through the movie, Duncan also defends his family and friends by using his fire breathing and super strength powers.

Firebreather Story:

The story of the movie starts with 16 years old Duncan has started a new school, where he makes friends with outsiders Isabel and Ken and he love-struck with the popular and stunning Jenna. But like his past school, He again struggles for making friend and also makes an enemy Jenna’s ex-boyfriend, Troy. He suffers from normal teenage problems which arise when he connects with his mom irritating him to focus on his homework and also bad luck with girls. Now he fears about his orange skin, scales, and desires for coal in place of sandwiches.

Duncan’s father is giant fire-breathing dragon and king of the Kaiju that’s why Duncan is half Kaiju which is very old powerful human being who mislaid a vicious war against the humans before 16 years. Duncan’s father desires him to go behind in his ways and also teach him to lead the next war against the humans, so he has been waiting many years to meet his sun. In contrast to this, Duncan’s mother desires him to live normal life and finish study. It’s time for Duncan to select either normal teenager or king firebreather.

‘Firebreather’ Trailer video from Youtube: