MTV renewed Jersey Shore for Season 4 – Cast Preview

Reality television series Jersey Shore telecasts on MTV. Former two series of it have been already completed and third season is going on. MTV has recently announced about the renewal of ‘Jersey Shore’ for season 4. Filming of this season 4 will be carried out in ‘Italy’ and it will begin in spring 2011. Jersey Shore Season 4 will be premiered later this year. Jersey shore is about the eight housemates, self-proclaimed “Guidos and Guidettes” who loves party and spending their time together.

MTV renewed Jersey Shore for Season 4 - Cast Preview

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Jersey shore was debuted on 6 January, 2009. It was ranked #1 among the prestigious 18-49 category of cable TV’s ratings as it has nearly 9 million viewers. Premiere episode of season 3 was aired on January 6, 2011 which was watched by 8.45 millions of people and became the most watched series televised ever.

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MTV will start the filming of the fourth season in Italy. MTV has already arranged the crew with the family of one of the cast members, Vinny Guadagnino. All cast members will reach to vinny’s family for dinner and trade “gorillas for Italian stallions.”

Cast of the ‘Jersey Shore’:

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi:

MTV renewed Jersey Shore for Season 4 - Cast Preview

Pollizi was born and bred in Marlboro, New York and she is a veterinary technician. Pollizi mostly called by her nickname ‘Snooki’ which she got in middle school after being the first of her friends to kiss a boy. After applying in the advertisement of audition on facebook for Jersey Shore, she became the part of jersey shore. She is known as the Jersey Shore’s pint-sized party girl. She is searching to meet her dream man so when she goes to gym, she goes with full make up with the hope to make a splash with men. Once she arrested in controversy when a drunken man beat her on her face during the shooting at Seaside Heights. She was also kept by the seaside police in the charges of public intoxication on 30 July, 2010.

Snooki keeps on astonishing with her sweet natured stupidity. The jersey shore star, Nicole Polizzi wishes to call her as ‘Nicole’ not ‘Snooki’ and she is expecting that her published first book will clean up her previous character. This book will highlight on her background and her efforts to find herself as one of the most familiar people in the country.

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino:

MTV renewed Jersey Shore for Season 4 - Cast Preview

Mike Sorrentino, also famous as ‘The Situation’ is from Staten Island. He is an assistant manager at fitness center in Staten Island. In 2004, he worked on dance floor on national television as a member of “All America Male” exotic dancer group. He had participated in the season 11 of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ in 2010 with Karina Smirnoff as his partner but he was removed on 4th week of show. He has also created GTL which stands for Gym, Tan, & Laundry. GTL is made famous by the cast of Jersey Shore on MTV. Mike knows very well that what he wants from Jersey Shore and he does not allow anybody to stop him from getting it even his colleagues.

Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio:

MTV renewed Jersey Shore for Season 4 - Cast Preview

As his name, he is popular DJ of the Rhode Island and known for carrying tanning bad in his house. He started his career as DJ at the age of 16. Before joining to Jersey Shore, Pauly united to another local DJ and friend to make VIP-PROV, a club promotion team that worked for nightclubs. Cleanliness is very important for him and that’s why he is worried that how he will handle his routines. This dude cares his hair too much so he gets gel which he used to apply twice a day;  in the morning and before going outside. He spends around 25 minutes daily for his hair care. DJ Paulie D is perhaps the member of jersey Shores with long term potential and he has a song that frequently comes on radio. He has also got his spin-off television show.

Jenni “JWoww” Farley:

MTV renewed Jersey Shore for Season 4 - Cast Preview

Jenni is a graphic designer and a club promoter from Franklin Square in New York. She is well known for her robust and sizzling personality in the Jersey Shore. When she came in Jersey Shore, she was in firm relationship but she ended her relationship during Episode 3. Jenni also called the party girl with no boundaries. Moreover, it is called that wherever she goes drama is definitely to occur.

Ronnie Ortiz:

MTV renewed Jersey Shore for Season 4 - Cast Preview

Ronnie Ortiz is from Bronx, New York. He might like the scuffle but he wants to have a good time with his lover. He came to Jersey Shore with one commitment that he never falls in love at Jersey Shore but as the summer was going he found that rule has been not followed. He fell in love with cast pal, Sammi “Sweetheart”. So, there is no doubt that he has soft heart besides his muscular and angry look. Even though Ronnie has stressed with Mike “The Situation” because of their common interest in Sammi, Ronnie has tied with all remaining cast members and he is good friend of them.

Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola:

MTV renewed Jersey Shore for Season 4 - Cast Preview

Sammi is native to New Jersey and called herself on the Jersey Shore as “the sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet.” Because of her personality, she is called ‘Sweetheart’ by her friends but when it comes to men, she is ‘heartbreaking’ for them. She has been stayed as a serial dater in her whole life. Sammi attended William Peterson university where she was remained as a part of women’s soccer team and also qualified in Sociology. After the love triangle between Mike and Ronnie, she put her choice on Ronni Magro but presently she is single and enjoying every moment of her life. She comes to Jersey Shore only for entertaining.

Vinny Guadagnino:

MTV renewed Jersey Shore for Season 4 - Cast Preview

Vinny, basically Italian American from Staten Island described himself as “mama’s boy” and good entertainer. He acquires the laugh from everybody he meets. He graduated from the ‘State University of New York’ at New Paltz and also decided to study further in law school if acting will not seem effective. His role in the ‘fist pump dance’ was mimed across the country and now it is infamously identified.

The fourth series will be heading at Italy and as his own country Vinny is both exited as well as worried. As he will propelled to the country where his own family is, he is not sure whether his routine will be same as at present.

Deena Nicole Cortese:

MTV renewed Jersey Shore for Season 4 - Cast Preview

Cortese, 23 is a friend of Snooki and she entered in Jersey Shore from the third series by replacing Angelina Pivarnick. She called herself as a “class in a glass and party in a body.” She was actually selected in the first season but due to certain circumstances she was rejected at that time. When Snooki met to Cortese before two years, she thought that Cortese will be the best to adding in the Jersey Shore. And she was correct; today Courtese is getting much fame as others. As Snooki, Cortese also likes to wear short dresses, dancing on bar and causing the party rock.

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