Hell’s Kitchen Season 6 Episode 1 “Day One” Guide

The hit Drama TV series Hell’s Kitchen Season 6 Episode 1 premiere was aired on July 21, 2009 at 9:00pm only on FOX TV network. The Hell’s Kitchen Season 6 Episode 1 titled as, “HK6: Day One”. Hell’s Kitchen Season 6 has a two hour premiere, the episode 1 and episode 2. Episode 2 was also shown in the Season 6 premier of Hell’s Kitchen. This was very interesting and amazing episode and I really enjoyed this latest episode.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 6 Episode 1The 16 chefs of Hell’s Kitchen Season 6 arrive at the restaurant which will serve as their home for the next several weeks. The 16 chefs turn up and given a few tips from previous contestants before the competition get underway.

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Hell’s Kitchen Season 6 Episode 1 Details

TV Show: Hell’s Kitchen (2009)
Title: HK6: Day One
Director: Sharon Trojan Hollinger
Writer: The Ohio Players
Genre: Reality show
Network: FOX
Air Date: July 21, 2009
More Info: tv.com

Hell’s Kitchen Season 6 Episode 1 Contestant List

  • Robert Hesse
  • Melinda Meaney
  • Suzanne Schlicht
  • Kevin Cottle
  • Joseph Tinnelly
  • Jim McGloin
  • Ariel Contreras
  • Lovely Jackson
  • Tony D’Alessandro
  • Tennille Middleton
  • Van Hurd
  • Andy Husbands
  • Dave Levey
  • Tek Moore
  • Louie
  • Sabrina Gresset
  • Amanda Davenport

Main Cast: Gordon Ramsay (Head Chef), Scott Liebfried (Sous Chef), Jason Thompson (Narrator), Jean Philippe Susilovic (Maitre D’)

Guest Cast: Colleen Cleek, Aaron Song, Bonnie Muirhead, Albie Colotto

Hell’s Kitchen Season 6 Episode 1 Synopsis

In this episode, Chef Ramsay sends the 16 chefs to the kitchen to create their signature dishes. The signature dish challenge, opposing the men against the women. The girls are in the red team and the boys are in the blue team. After each team presents their signature dishes so they will receive a special prize.

The women’s punishment was that they must clean up both the kitchen prior to the next day’s service. And the boy’s team will get a special dinner from Ramsay’s restaurant. They have 45 minutes. The one chef has a disagreement with Gordon Ramsay during the elimination round. The first two chefs present their signature dishes, but neither one manages to impress Ramsay.

The red team contestant Melinda was choose for eliminate because of her performance at the appetizer station. She’s being sent back to whatever planet she came from.

The Blue Team won this challenge with a number of strong dishes, and The Red Team was made to clean up both kitchens prior to the next day’s service.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 6 Episode 1 video Preview