Dancing with the Stars Season 11 : Spoilers, Cast & Trailer

On September 20, 2010, Dancing with the Stars will return for an eleventh season. Here is provided Spoilers, Cast & Trailer info of Dancing with the Stars Season 11.

Dancing with the Stars Season 11 will be telecasted on September 20, 2010 on ABC. During the 30 August episode of Bachelor Pad, the cast was announced in a live press conference that included a Q&A session with Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke and the new cast. In the history of show, first time, a live press conference was scheduled to unveil the participants. Choreographers and performers from different styles of dance will be featured in the “Macy’s Stars of Dance” segment. On 1 September 2010, the professionals will be announced. Ashly Costa, Dmitry Chaplin, Anna Demidova, and Julianne Hough have announced that they will not be back this season.

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Dancing with the Stars Season 11 Cast:

Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke have announced the celebrity cast during the ABC show “Bachelor Pad”.

  • Brandy, pop singer
  • Jennifer Grey, actress and ‘Dirty Dancing’ star
  • Margaret Cho, comedian
  • Audrina Patridge, ‘Hills’ star
  • Florence Henderson, actress and ‘Brady Bunch’ mom
  • Bristol Palin, daughter of ex-governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin
  • Michael Bolton, pop singer
  • Mike, ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, ‘Jersey Shore’ stars
  • David Hasselhoff, actor
  • Kurt Warner, NFL quarterback
  • Kyle Massey, singer and actor
  • Rick Fox, NBA champ
  • Brandy, the former R&B star

Spoilers of Dancing with the Stars Season 11:

Bristol Pain, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Kurt Warner, Audrina Patridge and Kyle Massey will be featured in Dancing with the Stars Season 11. Jersey Shore actor can maximize his brand to ensure his 15 minutes of fame last as long as possible, even promoting protein-infused vodka. David Hasselhoff, lately roasted on Comedy Central, will also appear on the show. He is proving that his Baywatch fortune wasn’t as big as we thought. Bristol Palin is always in the spotlight in spite of having no talent except having a kid out of marriage and being the daughter of a “family values” candidate.

Bristol noted that her mother saw the show as a challenge and a comment reflects her lack of skills. “She knows that this is going to be hard work, but she’s excited,” Bristol said, referring to her mother, Sarah. We’re also wondering why Audrina Patridge of The Hills is on the show, as she has yet to perform in anything that indicates talent. I’ll admit that I had to Google Kyle Massey, which should be enough of an indication that he is not noteworthy. “My two daughters love this show, and they convinced me,” said Hasselhoff, though we think his accountant may have been involved in the decision as well.

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