America’s Got Talent Season 4 Episode 11 Preview (28 July)

America’s Got Talent Season 4 Episode 11 (S04E11) was released on yesterday 28th July, 2009 at 9:00p.m on NBC. In this Episode, Judges attempted to narrow the 150 acts down to just 40.

America’s Got Talent Season 4 Episode 11 Preview

Host : Nick Cannon
Judges : David Hasselhoff, Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne
Executive Producer : Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Georgie Hurford Jones, Jasan Raff, James Sunderland and Simon Cowell

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America’s Got Talent Season 4 Episode 11 Candidates list

Singers(28) Dancers(25)
  1. Spiritual Harmonizers
  2. Kari Callin
  3. Voices Of Glory
  4. Manuela Horn
  5. The EriAm Sisters
  6. Thia Megia
  7. Urban Nation Hip Hop Choir
  8. NYC Gay Men’s Chorus
  9. Alizma
  10. Kevin Skinner
  11. Bri
  12. The Texas Tenors
  13. Lawrence Beaman
  14. Keith Johnson
  15. Rashida Jolley
  16. Eclipse
  17. Eleisha Miller
  18. Timez 2
  19. Mia Boostrom
  20. Barbara Padilla
  21. Kelli Glover
  22. Marcus Terrell & The Serenades
  23. Kara & Corey Britz
  24. Charles DeWayne Dorsey
  25. Mosaic
  26. Koshka Raenelle
  27. Ciana Pelekai
  28. Anointed S.
  1. The Scott Brothers
  2. Erik & Rickie
  3. Carol Lugo
  4. The Diva League
  5. The Fab Five
  6. Hairo Torres
  7. Fuchsia FoXXX
  8. TJ and the Little Mamas
  9. Tony Ferrante
  10. Arthur Gulkarou
  11. Lake Houston Performing Arts Center
  12. Destined 2 Be
  13. Louis Bar & Laura
  14. Live In Color
  15. Anna Pipoyan
  16. Arcadian Broad
  17. Unexpected Step Team
  18. FootworKINGz
  19. ICONic Crew
  20. Encore
  21. Isaara
  22. Breaksk8
  23. Platt Brothers
  24. SQ Entertainment
  25. The Lollipop Girls
Acrobatics(5) Magician/Illusionists(5):
  1. The Flash
  2. Duo Design
  3. Beale Street Flippers
  4. The Jesse White Tumbling Team
  5. African High Flyers
  1. Tom Durnin
  2. Jay Mattioli
  3. Drew Thomas
  4. Joseph Constantine & KC
  5. Nathan Burton
Variety Acts(19):

  1. The Comic-Bots
  2. Tony Hoard & Rockin’ Rory
  3. Brad Byers
  4. Joseph Harris
  5. Chris Allison
  6. Draconik
  7. Bruce & Simone Paradizo Dance (Dave & Zoe)
  8. Christopher & Lara Camp
  9. Miss Germany
  10. Janice Martin
  11. Mario and Jenny
  12. Circus R Us
  13. Hurricane Tricksters
  14. Pam Martin & Viva
  15. Acrodunk
  16. Simon Chaban
  17. Pixie Mystere
  18. The Kalinis
  19. Anthony & Matt

  1. Recycled Percussions
  2. G-Force


  1. Jeffrey Ou
  2. N2UN
  3. Blackfire Percussion
  4. Tallon Noble Latz


  1. Alycia Cooper
  2. David Johnson


The Rock & Roll President (Peter Peterkin)

America’s Got Talent Season 4 Episode 11 story

In the Last Episode, the audition round was completed with performances from 8 year old singer Ciana Pelekai and the Beale Street Flippers. In this Episode the judges will be selecting top 40 from the 160+ acts.

First Judges divided 160 contestants in 4 groups. And one by one the judges was shown every groups performance. After the judgment, the first group is going to the next round but unfortunately the Second group has been cut. The other two outstanding groups will both go to the next round. In total 25 acts were sent home out of 160 acts.

In the singers group, Keith Johnson and Pete Peterkin step forward first because they are good singers. In a dancers group, Arcadian Broad was the first to enter the theater to hear from the judges. Then some other participate follow this group and got next chance.

After then 74 year old Anthony Ferrante who is retired barber, danced lack of a better word. He was sent home. Next judges saw three another dance group. They gave their best performance. At that time judges were very confused which group to send home. After wards they have come up with plan and they will be given 12 hours to prepare a routine to the same track of music. Not all of them will be going through when they return.

After 2 magicians, Drew Thomas and Joseph Constantine gave their performance but at the end, Joseph has been eliminated, but Drew will be advancing. The last two acts are singers: Lawrence Beaman and chicken catcher Kevin Skinner. Lawrence Beaman makes it through to the next round. Unsurprisingly, Kevin Skinner was eliminated.