MTV cancels Skins for season 2

Skins, racy teen drama has been cancelled for season 2 by MTV because of its low ratings. Announcement of cancellation of Skin season was made on Thursday, 9 June 2011. Skins series did not attract the audience of U.S., as per MTV spokesman Nathaniel Brown. Skins season was started in January on MTV. Skins season had 3.3 million viewers in the starting of it but its half viewers were moved out in the second episode, the ratings of series was continued to decrease and in the season finale, number of audience decreased to 1.2 million.

MTV cancels Skins for season 2

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Show’s content was blasted by a TV watchdog group. A newspaper published that underage actors’ scene might disobey federal child pornography laws. With this incident, criticism was more provoked. Commercials of number of advertisers were dragged from this series because this shows youngsters were engaged in sexual activity as well as drug and alcohol abuse. MA rating of “Skins” makes it less valuable to the network so that it did not telecasted throughout the day in repeat viewings, as most MTV shows are repeated for viewers.

Unpaid teen thespians played high school characters of cable network’s marketing of Skins and also scripted the episodes to lend it genuineness so the PTC also found fault with Skins’ cable network. Also the Skins season is called as the most hazardous television show for children. So the decision to cancel the second season was taken by MTV.

‘Skins’ is a worldwide television phenomenon and was planned for viewers who are at least the age of 18 or older. This season is focused on the worldwide experience of an adolescent and on their dealing with friends, family, and burgeoning maturity. This show tried to tell the truth of youthful people’s lives but this truth can be sore for adults and parents. As per some people, Skins season was too racy and not good for viewers so it was cancelled for season 2.