Canceled TV Shows of 2011

TV Shows have becoming so popular nowadays as they are the entertainment part of people’s daily schedule. People are always eager to know what will happen in next episode. You might get upset while your favorite show is canceled for the further season. Here is the list of canceled TV shows of 2011. If there is your most liked series in this list then you have to place your interest on any other show.

canceled TV Shows of 2011

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1) 18 To Life

CBC channel has decided to not to renew a Canadian television sitcom, 18 to Life for season 3. However, the reason for the cancellation is not known yet. The final episode of this series, “House of Cards” was aired on Monday, 28 March 2011. The show completed total 25 episodes and two seasons. This show was well-liked in Canada but it could not become popular in the US. Its story was about two teens who were neighbours as well as best friends. They decided to marry and afterwards they found to live in a manner which confused their friends and families.

2) Big Love

The American television series, “Big Love” which was broadcasted on HBO has been canceled for its next sixth season. It is believed to discontinue due to its lower rating. It packed up after 5 seasons and 53 episodes on 20 March, 2011. The series was based on the family of Utah man, Bill Paxton. Bill and his three wives as well as his children were shown to hide their life style from the world. They all were trying to keep away from the negative stereotypes around their religious thoughts.

3) Glory Daze

The US cable network, TBS will not renew the comedy hour-long series, “Glory Daze” for season 2. It was about the group of friends at Hayes University in 1980s Wisconsin who were prepared for the things that would come during their college life. The TBS has stopped the series because of insufficient rating. Moreover, the second cause may be the involvement of one of the casts in the series, Chris D’Elia in ‘Pilot’. Glory Daze was premiered for 10 episodes in the season 1.

4) 100 Questions

The NBC network’s 100 Questions has been stopped only after its 6 episodes of the first season. This sitcom was moving around a woman who was trying to find out about her life. It experienced many changes before aired on the small screen and it got very low rating so, it will canceled for further season. Its last episode, ‘Have You Ever Had a One-Night Stand’ was showed on July1, 2010.

5) Dark Blue

The cop drama series of TNT, Dark Blue will not come for its third season. The declination in rating is major ground for its termination. It finished two seasons with the 20 episodes. The last episode of the series was broadcasted on September 15, 2010. In the show, a group of undercover LAPD officers were found to run highly secret team against criminal activities.

6) As the World Turns

The Long-running soap operas, As the World Turns will not air further. It has been ended after 54 years. The show was premiered on the CBS for 13, 858 episodes of 54 seasons. The formation of Irna Phillips, this longer soap opera was occurred in the imagined community of Oakdale, Illinois. The stories of the seasons progressed as life itself like the world turns. It was ended on September 17, 2010.

7) Breakthrough with Tony Robbins

The reality show of NBC, Breakthrough with Tony Robbins has been terminated only after its two episodes of the first season. Actually, there were total 6 episodes but it has been stopped due to poor rating among viewers. The show was about the couples who were experiencing problems in their lives and a world famed self help guru entered in their lives and helped them to solve their difficulties.

8) At the Movies

The movie review television show, At the Movies has been pulled out from airing on Disney-ABC Domestic Television. Two movie critics, Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert had started this series with the title ‘Siskel & Ebert & the Movies’. The title was altered many times over the years of its running. It was displayed for 24 seasons. The one of the hosts, Siskel was died in 1999 and another host, Ebert had to leave the show due to his throat cancer in 2006. Other hosts were appointed but they were not proved much effective and show had represented its last episode on August 14, 2010.

9) Entourage

The comedy-drama series will not come for its ninth season on HBO channel. The final episodes of the eighth season will possibly be premiered in summer 2011. The series was revolves around the usual life of Vincent Chase, a enthusiastic young actor in Hollywood and his followers who were finding the shark-infested waters of Hollywood.

10) The Gates

The ABC’s thriller drama series has been closed only after completing its first season. The show was about the gated community which was become famous because of supernatural secrets. Though the stories of vampires and magic are well-liked by the viewers, this could not get attention among watchers. It was ended on September 19, 2010.

11) Friday Night Lights

This series was based on the sport as well as teen drama. It was broadcasted on the NBC for four seasons and 76 episodes. But the later part of the series was facing lower rating. Therefore, it was decided to end the series after fifth season. It was moving around the high school football team in Dillon, Texas, team players and society around them.

12) Batman: The Brave and the Bold

The Cartoon Network’s animated series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold has been terminated for the fourth season. Presently, the third season of this series is running and its last episode will be aired on April 29, 2011. This American cartoon series was part of the DC Comics “team-up” series. it featured a Batman who got together with the other heroes to resolve a crime.

13) The Bridge

The CBS network has pulled Canadian cop drama, The Bridge just after three episodes. The reason behind the cancellation is again lower rating. It was showed on May 21, 2010 for the last installment. This show revolved around a cop who was selected to the head the police union. While it became popular in Canada to again place second season, CBS covered it on Saturday nights and it did not catch much audience.

14) The Good Guys

This series has been canceled by the Fox due to disappointing ratings. It has discontinued after 20 episodes. It was an action-comedy series describing an old-school police officer and a modern detective.

15) Gravity

This will be not aired for more episodes on the Pay-for-view channel Starz. It finished with 10 episodes. It never got large ratings of audience. It was about the out-patient program for suicide survivors. The final episode of the season which was showed on June 25, 2010 gained 0.0 rating in the 18-49 demographics.

16) Caprica

This science fiction drama television show has been packed up by Syfy after 18 episodes of the first season. It was the spin-off prequel of re-imagined Battlestar Galactica and it did not get enough viewers. The last five installments were premiered in a marathon in January, 2011.

17) Countdown with Keith Olbermann

This hour-long weeknight news and political commentary live show has been ended on the MSNBC network. The Keith Olbermann presented his last show on January 21, 2011. However, he did not reveal any information regarding the termination. As per some sources, the cause behind ending may be the Olbermann’s suspension before few months due to his giving in three Democrat campaigns, a violation of company policy.

18) Greek

Because of lower rating, this American comedy-drama series has been called off. It was based on the students of the story bound Cyprus-Rhodes University (CRU), situated in Ohio and they took part in the school’s Greek system. It was presented for 4 seasons and finale of the fourth season was broadcasted on March 7, 2011.

19) Hannah Montana (Disney Channel)

This American television series, Hannah Montana has been ended after its fourth season. One of the starring in the series, Miley Cyrus agreed with this and decided to go on after four seasons. The finale episode was represented on January 16, 2011. The show was aired on the Disney Channel as well as on the ABC as part of the ABC Kids block on Saturday mornings.

20) Last Comic Standing

As NBC was facing declined rating, it canceled this reality show to air in 2011. The series has ended after seven seasons. The show was concerning the selection of a comedian from a group who would achieve a development contract with NBC network. This chosen comedian had to first present on the cable-TV network Comedy Central and after that on the Bravo cable.

21) Huge

The ABC has wrapped up its freshman drama show “Huge.” It was on the basis of the young adult novel by Sasha Paley. This hour-long drama series was revolving around eight teens that were brought to a summer weight-loss camp, Camp Victory. On October 4, 2010, ABC family declared that they didn’t get order for the additional installments and hence they were finishing the series. It was run for the 10 episodes.

22) Larry King Live

This American talk program was hosted by the Larry King for over 25 years. It was the CNN’s most-viewed and longest-running show with more than millions viewers. The Larry King performed his final episode on December 16, 2010. He has been replaced by the Piers Morgan, the British television personality and journalist.

23) JONAS L.A.

The Jonas Brothers’ program JONAS LA has been ended by the Disney Channel. The last part of the show was demonstrated on October 3, 2010. This trio was found to adjust their life together with their school life and friends. The unsatisfactory rating in comparison to other Disney shows may be the reason for its termination.

24) Life Unexpected

This American television series has been finished off by the CW network after its second season. The CW renewed its series after the accomplishment of season 1 but, the season 2 could not catch more viewers. Therefore, the creator of series, Liz Tigelaar officially announced the closing of show on December 6, 2010 through Twitter. Its finale was presented on January 18, 2011.

25) Law & Order: Criminal Intent

The tenth season of this USA Network’s show has been declared as last season. The ninth season of the series was ended on July 6, 2010 and then it has been renewed for tenth season with eight episodes. The original casts Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe will come back in this final season which will be started from May 1, 2011.

26) In Treatment

The HBO has wrapped up In Treatment after finishing season 3. They ended this series but they are thinking to present it in another way. Though this show was liked by some critics, it got lower rating during the third season which was premiered in December, 2010.

27) Lights Out

The Lights Out has been stopped by the FX network only after first season due to poor rating amid viewers. The show’s last episode was aired on April 5, 2011. It was about the former boxer, Patrick ‘Lights’ Leary (Holt McCallany) who struggled after getting retirement from ring to help his wife and three daughters.

28) Live to Dance

In this reality dance show of CBS, 18 dancers from all over the country competed with each other to gain the title, Live To Dance champion as well as prize of $500,000. But, the show pulled after 7 episodes of season 1 because of reduced rating. The judge of the show, Paula Abdul will not return for the season 2.

29) My Boys

On September 14, 2010, TBS called off the show after four seasons. The series was based on the female sports journalist in Chicago, Illinois and about two guys, her brother and best friend in her life. This comedy sitcom was aired for 49 episodes of four seasons.

30) My Generation

This American mockumentary television show has been canceled by the ABC on the basis of much less rating. It discontinued just after two episodes of the season 1. The remaining 6 installments have been disclosed online. This hour-long comedy-drama was revolving around the group of students who were got together after the ten years of graduation.

31) Lone Star

The Lone Star also ended after its two low-rated episodes. The show of the FOX network was regarding the handsome conman, James Wolk. The story of the season was moving around the efforts of conman to adjust his double lives as swindle investor and an oil tycoon family. The additional 4 episodes have been not aired.

32) No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

This television comedy-drama program was created by the BBC in association with HBO. It was produced on the basis of same named novels of Alexander McCall Smith. It was finished off after first season because of lower rating. The HBO will not renew the show for further season but may continue with two movies.

33) Medium

There will be no eight season of this series as it received average rating for few past installments. The ‘Medium’ was about the real life of Psychic Medium Allison DuBois and her family. It was performed by the famous actress, Patricia Arquette. Initial five seasons were broadcasted by NBC and then sixth season was aired through CBS. The series was ended on January 21, 2011.

34) Outlaw

This American Drama series has been terminated by the NBC. Because of worse rating, NBC canceled Outlaw on October 11, 2010 and transferred remaining 4 episodes to a Saturday time slot. The show was concerning the Supreme Court Justice (Smits) who went back to be a lawyer to compete with injustices. NBC displayed the series finale on November 13, 2010.

35) Smallville

The series based on the DC Comics character Superman has wrapped up after finishing season 10. The initial five seasons were broadcasted on WB network and later seasons were aired on the CW. The last episode of the series was revealed on September 24, 2010.

36) The Whole Truth

The Whole Truth was the lowest rating series of the ABC network. Therefore, this American legal drama series has been canceled for more episodes. Earlier, it was announced that the all 13 episodes of the series would be showed. Later ABC declared that the show was taken out and the remaining 7 installments were left to display.

37) Stargate Universe

The part of MGM’s Stargate franchise, Stargate Universe has been ended after the 40 installments and two seasons. It was the Canadian – American military science fiction series of Syfy network. As it could not attract more viewers, Syfy called off it even its 10 episodes were left to air. These 10 episodes will be premiered around this spring.

38) Undercovers

This JJ Abrams’ freshman drama series was about the secret detective couple. It was finished off on December 29, 2010. The NBC canceled it due to insufficient rating in demographics. The 10 out of its 13 installments were aired but there is no information regarding the showing of left 3 episodes.

39) Supernanny

The ABC has terminated its Supernanny Reality show after season 6. It was based on the parents suffering from the behavior of their children. The host, Nanny Jo Frost stated that she finished the series with the intention that she can begin her own family. She hosted the last show of series on March 18, 2011.

40) Terriers

As usual reason, lower rating is the basis for ending of Terriers. The Ted Griffin had produced this American crime comedy-drama series for FX. The story was turning around the two unlicensed private investigators in San Diego County, Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James. It lasted for 13 episodes of the season 1. The finale of the Terriers was aired on December 1, 2010.

41) The Oprah Winfrey Show

This American syndicated talk show is hosted and created by Oprah Winfrey. Though this is one of the highest-rated shows, Oprah Winfrey will leave it as she wants to set up her own cable channel. The final episode will be presented on May 25, 2011 however; the series will be showed in repeats till September. Till now the Oprah Winfrey Show has completed over 4,500 installments and 25 seasons.

42) Running Wilde

The Running Wilde has been not renewed for the further episodes besides its 13 installments. It was ended by the FOX during mid-season because it could not hit in ratings. The 4 out of 13 episodes have been not revealed. This comedy series was run from September 21, 2010 to December 26, 2010.

43) Persons Unknown

This NBC’s mystery drama mini-series concluded on the August 28, 2010 and it has been not renewed for season 2 due to weak rating. It was about the group of strangers who imprisoned in a small ghost town. It was supported as self-contained series by the NBC but many things were not revealed even on the end. Total 13 episodes of this series were premiered.

44) Scoundrels

The ABC network has canceled this hour-long series after eight episodes. This show was founded on the New Zealand TV series Outrageous Fortune. It showed worse rating among viewers and finished on August 15, 2010. The story revolved around the West family which faced various confrontations with the law.

45) Skating with the Stars

The reality show Skating with the Stars was about the coupling of celebrities with professionals from the world of figure skating. It followed from the British show, Dancing on Ice. The ABC has called off this series only after 6 installments of first season due to very poor rating. Its rating was turned down from first week to sixth seek. It was ended on December 21, 2010.

46) Rubicon

This conspiracy thriller series has been canceled by the AMC as a result of declined rating. It was highly commended by some critics but not watched by many viewers. It centered the intelligence analyst at a national think tank at New York City, American Policy Institute (API) who found out that he might work with the associates of a secret society which operates world events on a big scale. Its final thirteenth episode of season 1 was showed on October 17, 2010.

47) Secret Diary of a Call Girl

This British television drama was premiered on the ITV2 and it was founded on the blog as well as books written by the pseudonymous “Belle de Jour.” It starred Billie Piper as Belle as a high-class call girl based in London. This series has now been ended after completing four seasons and 32 episodes. This series will not be renewed but may be aired in some other form.

48) Party Down

The Party Down has been canceled by the Starz after two seasons and 20 episodes because the rating of show was declining constantly. The finale installment which aired on June 25, 2010 received 0.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic with only 74,000 viewers. Though this comedy series liked by some of its fans critics, it could not attracted required rating among watchers.