Son of a Gun’s Premiere on MTV

The much awaited documentary Son Of A Gun, a six-part series will premiere on Thursday, April 28 at 11 p.m. ET only on MTV. Executive produced by Nick Cannon, in the new docu-series “Son of a Gun,” MTV revealed that it will document the trip of talented up and coming rapper Cory Gunz.

Son of a Gun's Premiere on MTV

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This series features the son of 1990s emcee Peter Gunz and takes spectators behind the scenes and into the world of Cory Gunz while he faces the harsh decisions artists stumble upon since they’re struggling to succeed in the competitive and cutthroat music industry. Cory’s rise, starvation, as well as the feature he did on Lil Wayne’s track 6’7 will be shown. From Casablanca Records to Def Jam Records the show will spot his journey and then lastly Young Money.

Nick Cannon, executive producer of Son of a Gun said, “Cory’s story is inspiring, one that boldly paints the many trials and tribulations he’s had to endure in pursuit of his dreams.” Also said, “I’m grateful for the access that Cory and Peter allowed us to have in order to create a series that we feel will really resonate with MTV viewers.”

Cory Gunz is very lucky as he has additional support in his pursue for hip-hop fame from some people who know the business well like his father Peter Gunz and Nick Cannon. Bronx rapper Peter Gunz guides and manages Cory while multi-talented industry mogul Nick Cannon provides his advice to help Cory attain his full potential, however the road to the top is not basically an easy one. He was signed to iconic music industry veteran Tommy Mottola’s Casablanca Records previous to the younger Gunz inked a deal with Weezy’s Young Money. Although things didn’t pan out there, and he joined Def Jam Records soon at Jay-Z’s urging.

Gunz had partnered with Cannon in 2009 on several projects and told Mixtape Daily that the earlier Nickelodeon star has been supporting him all over his career. At that time Gunz said, “Nick has been real instrumental behind the scenes…and he’s opened a couple of doors for me,” further added, “Nick is my big brother now, for real. He’s opening doors for me, giving me opportunities in and out of the studio. It’s about to be ugly.”

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