Showtime’s “Shameless” Cast, Premier & Start Date

In a most amazing way, Showtime brings New Year with the premiere of new drama series “Shameless” on Sunday, January 9th at 10:00 PM ET/PT., following the Season Four premiere of the hit comedy series “Californication” and the comedy series “Episodes”. John Wells’ new drama series “Shameless” is based on the long-running hit UK series and stars Emmy Award winner and Oscar nominee William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum. Shameless centers on an eccentric Chicago family with an alcoholic father. Executive producers are Wells and Abbott, while co-executive producer is Andrew Stearn. “Shameless” is from Bonanza Productions Inc. in conjunction with John Wells Productions and Warner Bros. Television.


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Showtime’s “Shameless” Cast Details:

The cast of the Showtime’s Shameless consists of Jeremy White, Laura Slade Wiggins, Steve Howey, Shanola Hampton, Joel Murray, Emma Kinney, Cameron Monaghan, and Ethan Cutkosky. William H. Macy will play the role of Frank Gallagher. As a romantic interest for Frank, Allison Janney has been cast. Frank’s wise and feisty eldest daughter is Emmy Rossum and a car thief, Justin Chatwin falls for her. As the new Sheila Jackson, academy award nominee Joan Cusack joined the cast after Allison Janney took a job on Matthew Perry’s Mr. Sunshine and was not able to be a part of both series.

William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher

A desperate alcoholic and menace, Frank Gallagher is the single dad of six elegant, spirited, and independent kids. Generally he spends all the money that the family has at the bar or passes time out on the floor. He loves his kids very much and has a good, big heart so kids value him for it but is careless, egotistic and entirely conceited. He does not like to do work so provides nothing in the manner of parenting or monetary support.

Emmy Rossum as Fiona

Fiona is the oldest Gallagher child who is in very complex situation as most of the liability and child-rearing falls on her young shoulders. She is doing her duty very well and works a few dead-end, minimum earnings job to get money and take pleasure in going out dancing with her girlfriends. However she does undergo from uncertainty and feeling less-than when it comes to men, particularly when charming, fortunate Steve begins showing attention.

Justin Chatwin as Steve

Steve is a good-looking, courteous man with loads of moxie. Fiona is pursued by Steve very hard and he’s not scared to punch out and moon a tarnished bouncer to shield her honor. He throws money around liberally, wears a costly watch and drives a sports car that Fiona finds repellent.

Ethan Cutkosky as Carl

The second youngest Gallagher child is Carl who shares a room with older brothers Lip and Ian. He has little secrets of his own that include breaking all rules he can stumble on.

Steve Howey as Kev

Kev is the neighbor and friend of the Gallagher and also bartender at Frank’s bar. He is good person and ready to provide Frank drinks on credit and cash his disability checks for him. Veronica and Kev have a passionate hot sex life and he’s completely into her till she’s not entailing that he’s stupid.

Shanola Hampton as Veronica

Veronica is always ready to lend a hand, go dancing with Fiona or party down with Frank as the Gallagher’s neighbor. She desires to chase a medical career; if only she hadn’t gotten fired from the hospital for pinching supplies. She and her husband love each other very much and their untamed sex life borders on venturesome.

Emma Kenney as Debbie

Debbie has a good heart and very helpful girl, who is the middle of Gallagher children. She is eager to bring her baby brother to school for show and tells that when there is no one else to observe him, place a pillow under her father’s head when he’s passed out on the floor, and gather money for charity year round out of which only some she keeps for herself.

Cameron Monaghan as Ian

The third Gallagher child, Ian seems like his mother. He works at a local grocery store and is in Army ROTC at school. Moreover, he has a secret affair at work that his brother Lip finds out and questions him about persistently.

Jeremy Allen White as Lip

Lip (small for Phillip) is most intellectual and also one of the Gallagher children. He is an expert at science and has big plans for himself. By teaching his classmate Karen in physics, Lip earns money and she returns the favor in strange ways.

Laura Slade Wiggins as Karen

Lip’s tutoring student, Karen looks beautiful and she is neighborhood bad girl. She is glad to repay Lip’s coaching with an odd form of payment. Her mother is a bit “off”, and father is more and more losing his patience with them both.

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