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MTV cancels Skins for season 2

Posted at 6:22 am June 11, 2011 | 2 Comments

Skins, racy teen drama has been cancelled for season 2 by MTV because of its low ratings. Announcement of cancellation of Skin season was made on Thursday, 9 June 2011. Skins series did not attract the audience of U.S., as per MTV spokesman Nathaniel Brown. Skins season was started in January on MTV. Skins season had 3.3 million viewers in the starting of it but its half viewers were moved out in the second episode, the ratings of series was continued to decrease and in the season finale, number of audience decreased to 1.2 million.

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Will Cheryl Cole return to X-factor?

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Cheryl Cole, the 27-year-old singer was suspected to have been dropped from the show ‘X-factor’ as this ‘Promise This’ singer was replaced with host Nicole Scherzinger in the show. But now, the news came out that she will return to X-factor to re-take her seat as a judge on the ‘X-factor USA’. Cheryl Cole was offered her job back on 4th June; less than 2 weeks subsequent to being dismissed from the show. According to the sources, the British beauty Cheryl Cole will rejoin the judging panel of the Fox’s new performance show ‘The X Factor’ on Wednesday, June 8 for the New Jersey auditions.

Will Cheryl Cole returns to X-factor?

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Scott Rosenbaum talks about V Season 3

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The V is the American science fiction television series of ABC network. The finale of this series (season 2) was aired on the March 15, 2011. After the completion of finale, everyone is eager to know whether V will renew for the third season or not. The showrunner and executive producer of ‘V,’ Scott Rosenbaum talked about the possibility for further season of this series at WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco.

Scott Rosenbaum talks about V Season 3

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Canceled TV Shows of 2011

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TV Shows have becoming so popular nowadays as they are the entertainment part of people’s daily schedule. People are always eager to know what will happen in next episode. You might get upset while your favorite show is canceled for the further season. Here is the list of canceled TV shows of 2011. If there is your most liked series in this list then you have to place your interest on any other show.

canceled TV Shows of 2011

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Will Harry’s Law canceled or renewed for season 2?

Posted at 2:53 am April 12, 2011 | 1 Comment

Harry’s Law had just completed its first season on 4th April 2011. In the finale episode, Harry’s Law earned 1.8 rating and about 9.54 million viewers. On NBC, Harry’s Law was the tenth highest rated scripted series. The series will be canceled or renewed for season 2 has not yet been decided. The fate of Harry’s Law will not be unveiled by NBC until the advertiser upfronts on 16th May.

Will Harry's Law canceled or renewed for season 2?

David E. Kelley is the creator of Harry’s Law.The series rotates around Harriet Korn who is suddenly fired from a huge firm. When she meets Malcolm Davies she finds a fresh start. By mistake Adam Branch hits Harry and to join the team he resigns his corporate job. Jenna who is Harry’s footwear obsessed assistant helps them to open a business as Harriet’s Law and Fine Shoes.

There are many reasons why Harry’s Law should be renewed for season 2. The 1st reason is the supporting cast. Harry’s Law supporting cast and Harriet Korn (Kathy Bates) response to them is truly the life of the show. Christopher McDonald and Paul McCrane are very funny to watch. Another bonus to the series is Aml Ameen’s character.

2nd reason is that the show is better than expected ratings. The first episode of the show earned more than 11 million viewers. 3rd reason is that it has better story lines. Every episode of the series relate to public no matter where they live. Many hard topics are taken by the show and handled them in a hilarious way. 4th reason is that the show is very funny. Are you a fan of Harry’s Law? What do you believe; the series should be canceled or renewed for new season?


Ten Historical TV Series that lost leading Character

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The leading character is very important part of the TV show. It attracts viewers and makes strong relation between show and viewers. It is difficult to telecast the show without leading characters after his/her illness or death. Nowadays, TV Series has a trend to provide chances to new characters. But the reason behind it is departure of the main actor or actress from a show. The actor or actress in lead role leaves the show for any reasons such as a desire to make the leap to a movie career, a contract dispute, or an untimely death. Some series that lost their leading characters are given below.

Top Ten Historical TV show that lost leading Actor

10.) Maverick:

Ten Historical TV Series that lost leading Character

A western television series, Maverick was started on 22 September 1957 on ABC. Roy Huggins created this comedic overtone with actor James Garner in the role as Bret Maverick. In 1960, James Garner got into a contract argument with Warner Brothers in the third season of Maverick. The series lost his leading star and James Garner was replaced by Roger Moore for the role as his cousin, Beauregard Maverick. Continue Reading »


Dani Johnson tweeted Secret Millionaire Premier Pics

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The ‘Secret Millionaire,’ one-hour reality television series was premiered with first episode ‘Dani Johnson: Knoxville, TN.’ The entire series of Secret Millionaire focuses on the American millionaires who are secretly sent in poor communities’ area to spend few days between them and help poor and needy people by donating tens of thousand of pounds. Like that, Dani Johnson, a millionaire and successful entrepreneur has joined the Secret Millionaire for that good act. Recently, Dani has tweeted premier party pics of Secret Millionaire that she celebrated with her husband, kids, and friend.

Dani Johnson tweeted Secret Millionaire Premier Pics

On March 6, 2011, the premiere episode of Secret Millionaire “Dani Johnson: Knoxville, TN” was aired on ABC network. The first episode was featured with San Antonio’s multi-millionaire entrepreneur woman as well as best selling author, Dani Johnson. As part of the series, she leaves her family and her sumptuous lifestyle for passing six days in Knoxville, Tennessee’s poorest area and looking for helping the helpless people. Continue Reading »