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The Mentalist Season 3 Spoilers & Premiere Photos

Posted at 11:32 pm September 8, 2010 | 6 Comments

After the second season which was completed successfully on May 20, 2010, The Mentalist has been renewed by CBS for a third season. The Mentalist Season 3 will premiere on September 23, 2010. Get spoilers and striking premiere photos for The Mentalist Season 3 below.

“The Mentalist” is an American police procedural television show that revolves around the story of Patrick Jane, an independent consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) based in Sacramento, California. The show was created by Bruno Heller and debuted on September 23, 2008 on CBS. Continue Reading »


The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 1 ‘Redemption’ Spoilers & Review

Posted at 8:19 am July 31, 2009 | No comments

The Mentalist Season 2 premiere episode is so far!! Well, The Mentalist Season 2 episode 1 will be available on 24 September 2009. “Redemption” is the first episode of season two of The Mentalist. In this episode you will find that the CBI is busy conducting an investigation of a murder.

The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 1 'Redemption'
After being accused of stealing a million dollars from her employer, a woman who is found suffocated. And The CBI investigates this murder case. So don’t miss The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 1 because this episode will bring much more. Continue Reading »