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Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers

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Check out details of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy”, which revolves around the life of surgical interns, residents and fellows.

What are you doing on Thursday nights at 09.00 pm? If you are busy then complete your entire tasks before 09.00 pm as your favorite series, Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 is airing on ABC. The Season 10 consists of 24 episodes. Those who love to see lots of twists and turns, for them Grey’s Anatomy is best. Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama, which revolves around surgical interns, residents and fellows. Grey’s Anatomy is one of the high rated dramas in United States. The drama is also honored by many famous awards.

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Spoilers

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Masters of Sex Season 1 Episode Guide, Spoilers and Release date

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“Masters of Sex” is the biography of Thomas Maier that is based on the life and times of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, who taught Americans how to love. Now, Michelle Ashford has created same name series on the basis of this book. The first season of Masters of Sex will be broadcasted from 29th September, 2013 on Showtime. In this series, you will see the Michael Christopher Sheen and Lizzy Caplan as a role of title characters, Dr. William Howell Masters and Virginia Johnson, the real-life pioneer of the science of human sexuality. The series consists of 12 episodes, which display the unusual lives, romance and pop culture path of Masters and Johnson.

Masters of Sex Season 1 Episode Guide, Spoilers and Release date

The series has been executive produced by Sarah Timberman, Carl Beverly and Judith Verno. Tammy Rosen, Thomas Maier and Michael Sheen also work as producers. The research of Masters and Johnson touched off the sexual revolving and took them from a St. Louis’s mid-western teaching hospital to the cover of Time magazine. The series will present life and time of Masters and Johnson and their research of nature of human sexual response. At present, Showtime channel shared a trailer of the American drama series. Caitlin Fitzgerald will appear in the role of Masters’ wife. As well, Emmy and Golden Globe award winning actor Beau Bridges and Margo Martindale play small roles in this series. Continue Reading »


Pretty Little Liars Season 4: Cast, Spoilers and Episode Guide

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Now, get set ready for more drama, more mystery as Pretty Little Liars Season 4 is back again. It is one of the popular American mysterious television series based on the novel written by Sara Shepherd. You can well estimate the popularity of the show as the show’s season 4 premieres with its 2.97 million viewers. Its premiere was most tweeted premier in TV shows history that generated around 1.3 million tweets. Here check out The Game Season 4 cast, spoilers and episode guide.

Pretty Little Liars Season 4: Cast, Spoilers and Episode Guide

The new season will come with few new characters and maker of the show is in mood to answers these questions. One new character in show will be Ryan Guzman as Jack who will be Aria’s martial art teacher who later falls in love with her. Sean Faris will be playing role of Pennsylvania State police Officer known as Gabriel Holbrook in the show. Roma Maffia will be playing the role of police officer Linda Tanner. Continue Reading »


Famous Quotes from Mad Men

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Mad Men, a famous American dramatic television series, has returned for its highly anticipated fifth season. People love the series for its interesting concept. Mad Men portrays American culture and society of the 1960s, highlighting some serious issues like drinking, cigarette smoking, feminism, adultery, homophobia and racism in a lighter way. Its historical authenticity and visual style has given multiple awards for the show including fifteen Emmys and four Golden Globes. The show is also famous for funny and clever quotes on love, life and sex.

Famous Quotes from Mad Men

The series is played by some brilliant actors who have made the show a huge hit. The lead character of the show is Don Draper who works as a creative director in an advertising agency. Other primary male characters include Pete Campbell who acts as an ambitious young account executive and Roger Sterling as a partner of Don Draper. The Mad Women crew include Betty Francis as wife of Don Draper, Peggy Olson who work with Don as a copy writer, and Joan Harris working as an office manager. Continue Reading »


Hung Season 3 : Trailer Preview

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Hung, a comedy-drama series on HBO, is scheduled to come for season 3, “Ready for More” in 2011. Hung season 3 includes 10 episodes but its exact premiere date is not announced yet. Details about the pilot of Hung season 3 are still limited. Although, Hung got unassuming rating last year but it was renewed for a third season. The teaser of upcoming season of Hung shows Ray Drecker (Thomas Jane) with different women that suggests he will continue his job as a male prostitute. Ryan and Tanya concurred to partner up again with the job of getting Ray’s ex-wife, Jessica, to return, that was known in finale of the season 2.

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Haven Season 2 : Trailer & Spoilers

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The supernatural drama series, Haven has been renewed by Syfy for season 2 that is planned to be premiered on 15 July 2011. Haven Season 2 contains thirteen episodes and will be produced on location in Nova Scotia in spring 2011. More strange things that happen in a town, where Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) is allocated to, are offered by the trailer of Haven season 2 but the story of Haven season 2 is not disclosed by its trailer.

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ABC cancelled Brothers and Sisters for season 6

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Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has finally cancelled American television drama series “Brothers & Sisters” for sixth season. The announcement about series cancellation was made on Friday (13th May, 2011). ABC cancelled series after losing a number of viewers and ratings. Reasons behind the cancellation of the show are so many, including do with big money, so many big stars on the show, so expensive to produce and also price tag of show went up and the ratings went down.

ABC cancelled Brothers and Sisters

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