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What’s Underneath: Fight with your Fears by removing clothes

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Check out the series of interview videos of ‘What’s Underneath’ project at, proving visually that real person underneath clothing matters, also helps you feel proud with real beauty & style!

Fear is self-created and unnecessary. It controls yourself, paralyzes you… and puts you in desperate situations, it just stops you from living the life of your dreams. Only solution is that recognize the fear within you and start facing it. Many people are neglected just because they are not so beautiful, and not so charming. This creates fear and hesitation in them on facing the world, also in front of camera. Unfortunately, our society places a high importance on the physical aspect of beauty and neglects the real inner beauty that actually makes you beautiful. Get access to the ‘What’s Underneath Project’ at StyleLikeU website, it helps you redefine what is really beautiful & that is why it’s so important, visually with positive interview videos. Herein each interviewed person takes off layers of their clothing to show that your style & your beauty are much more than your physical appearance. So remove all your fears, be open, and get respect for what you have!

Meet real person removing clothes

Former fashion editor Elisa Goodkind and her daughter Lily Mandelbaum have started ‘What’s Underneath Project’ on their lifestyle website StyleLikeU. In 2009, Goodkind collaborated with her daughter to launch the StyleLikeU website with a task to honor “authentic” style in spite of supposed industry standards. In project, different group of women and men of myriad body types have been invited to strip down to their underwear in a New York City studio and tell about their experiences with body image and style. Basically, it works on a goal to break down rigid ideas of beauty and help redefine it. It’s really a great empowering project.

The project aims to realize people that true style is not about money, trends, photoshopped imagery or a singular model of beauty, but true style is about the real person inside the clothes, their confidence, spirit and willingness to express themselves openly. Continue Reading »


Sex Sent Me to the ER: Episode Guide and Spoilers

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Check out details of new TLC spoiler series coined as “Sex Sent Me To The ER”, which revels about medical crisis accidentally that arises with real life people.

It is little weird to think, but many times… it happens that couple get over excited while having sex and their some of the wrong movements let them to meet medical emergencies. TLC is going to air one new real life based series with name “Sex Sent Me To The ER.” Its premier will be on air from December 28, 2013 at 10 pm and many people have shared some of the weird spoilers.

Sex Sent Me to the ER Episode of man with his wife and girlfriend

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TNT renews Southland for season 4

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Southland is an American series based on life of detectives and officers of the LAPD. Initially the series was telecasted on NBC network but later TNT (Turner Network Television) bought the right of Southland series and completed three seasons of it. Now, TNT has renewed Southland for season 4 that will cover 10 episodes.

TNT renews Southland for season 4

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Deadliest Catch’s cast Justin Tennison found dead

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The reality show of Discovery Channel, Deadliest Catch’s star Justin Tennison died at the age of 33 on Tuesday 22 Feb. The dead body of Tennison was discovered by hotel cleaning staff in Alaska hotel room. The causes behind the death is not found yet, but during the investigation police department found small amount of marijuana and some bottles of alcohol, so maybe drugs or alcohol can be the reason of Tennison’s death.

Deadliest Catch's cast Justin Tennison found dead

Tennison worked as an engineer on the “Time Bandit” with Capt. Johnathan Hillstrand which described Tennison as being “tough as a bull and was an all-around good hand”. This is the second death to hit reality TV fishing drama Deadliest Catch in a year. Last year in February 2010, Deadliest Catch’s cast Captain Harris died at the age of 53 after enduring a stroke. Continue Reading »


Deadliest Catch Season 5 Episode 16 ‘Shipwrecked’ Guide

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On Today – July 28th 2009 – Deadliest Catch Season 5 Episode 16 S05E16 is entitled “Shipwrecked” will be aired at 9:00-10:00 PM on the Discovery Channel. It will be back with the amazing episode like its previous episode as titled ‘Day of Reckoning’.

Deadliest Catch Season 5 Episode 16 'Shipwrecked'This episode tells about a savage storm reasons numerous vessels to send out maydays. So Guys, do not miss the chance to watch your much awaited episode from the Deadliest Catch Series Today. Continue Reading »