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Scrubs Season 9 Cast, Spoilers & Episode Guide

Posted at 4:44 am December 2, 2009 | No comments

Are you searching for the information about Scrubs season 9 cast, spoilers and episode guide? Here is provided all the details about Scrubs season 9 including photo and trailer sneak peek video of it. Scrubs is an American comedy-serial produced by Bill Lawrence in 2001. At present it is produced by ABC.

In the season 9 of Srubs, Denise Mahoney will be manager of the student accommodation and also Chief Resident of Sacred Heart. And the three new students, Lucy, Drew and Cole will most probably live together, sharing a room. Now Turk will be filling the role of Dr Cox and will now be teaching the students. The first episode of season 9 of Scrubs was premiered on December 1, 2009 on ABC. It featured several new cast members and take place at a new location. Continue Reading »