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SOAPnet’s ‘Being Erica’ Season 3 US Premiere Date

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‘Being Erica’ Season 3 is going to start on Wednesday, 26 January 2011 at 11PM ET/PT on SOAPnet channel in the United States. There are 13 one-hour episodes in Season 3. Being Erica season 2 brought 3 million viewers to SOAPnet. The first two season of ‘Being Erica’ was originally aired at 10:00PM on American television. The series go behind the life of Erica Strange who get the chance to go back in time to deal with her past regrets.

SOAPnet's 'Being Erica' Season 3 US Premiere Date

SOAPNet will also air the last 5 episodes of season 2 leading into the premiere of season 3 for the people who have forgotten what occurred at the end of last season. The marathon of the last 5 episodes of season 2 will air on Sunday, 23 January from 3PM-7PM ET/PT. Being Erica is a Canadian drama series about a time-traveling therapy patient and it is created by Jana Sinyor and produced by Temple Street Productions. Continue Reading »


OWN : New Oprah Winfrey Network on Io Tv

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A joint venture among Winfrey’s production company, Harpo Inc., and Discovery Communications, OWN: New Oprah Winfrey Network is scheduled to launch on Saturday, January 1, 2011, announced by Cablevision. The much-hyped cable network of talk-show-host-lifestyle-guru Oprah Winfrey: OWN depicts itself as a network “designed to entertain, inform, and inspire people to live their best lives” and for Io TV customers, it will be existing in both standard and high-definition on channel 180. Get important descriptions regarding the new network of Oprah Winfrey (OWN) on Io TV.

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A longtime dream of forming her own cable network is being fulfilled by Oprah Winfrey and OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network starts from this Saturday at 12:00 pm Eastern/Pacific (11:00 am Central) on the channel now taken by little-seen Discovery Health after years of preparation, executive reshuffles and holdups. Both the chairwoman of the channel and head of editorial control will be the queen of daytime TV talk for 25 years – Oprah Winfrey. She is also one of the richest women in US and into cable television this is her second foray as she was a co-founder of the channel ‘Oxygen’ until it was sold to NBC Universal in 2008 by Winfrey and her fellow partners. Continue Reading »


Top 10 Biggest Losers of Season 2010

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Season 10 of “The Biggest Loser” had 21 contestants who shed blood, sweat and tears to lose weight quick and for $250,000 grand prize. The theme of this show’s tenth season was “paying it forward,” and it premiered on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010. Check out the list of top 10 Biggest Losers of 2010 according to the weight they lose.

About The Biggest Loser:

A television show, The Biggest Loser is broadcasted in several countries. There are diverse variations of the Biggest Loser across the world as every country has its own adaptation to the show though the contestants have the same goal forever: to become the Biggest Loser by losing the highest percentage of weight (or the majority of weight).

List of the Top 10 Biggest Losers of Season 2010

The winner of the “Biggest Loser” and the $250,000 grand prize is Patrick House who lose 181 lbs weight from 400 lbs. to 219 lbs.

10. Lisa Mosely

Lose weight: 97 lbs., 33.68 percent
Before: 288 lbs.
After: 191 lbs.

Top 10 Biggest Losers of Season 2010

31 years old Lisa Mosely is a sales representative from Norman, Oklahoma. The journey of Lisa’s at Biggest Loser started because of her daughter, Blythe. Lisa decided to modify her life after her daughter was hospitalized when she stopped eating and drinking. Lisa is an optimistic role model for her daughter, representing that the way she parents is entirely varied and also said “every breath I take is different now.” Continue Reading »


ABC’s V Season 2 Start Date & Trailer Revealed

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V Season 2 was planned to start in November in the beginning but now an official premiere date for the sci-fi series has been finally given by ABC. However, after two months delay, V Season 2 will be started on Tuesday, 4th January 2011 on ABC network. An American science fiction television series, V is about the arrival of a technologically advanced alien species on Earth. Alien apparently comes in peace, but in fact, alien has sinister reasons. Morena Baccarin, Lourdes Benedicto, Morris Chestnut, Joel Gretsch, Logan Huffman, Charles Mesure, Elizabeth Mitchell, Laura Vandervoort and Scott Wolf are the star of the show.

ABC's V Season 2 Start Date & Trailer RevealedImage source: wikipedia

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FX’s justified season 2 Start Date

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FX’s Drama series, Justified will return with second season on 9th February, 2011. It will run with 13 episodes. It is the creative idea of Graham John Yost, who is famous for ‘Speed’ (1994) movie. Margo Martindale, Joseph Lyle Taylor, Jeremy Davies and Brad William Henke will play lead role in this series. Justified series is based on the Elmore Leonard’s crime novels including “Pronto,” “Riding The Rap” as well as his short story “Fire In The Hole.”

FX's justified season 2 Start Date
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TNT’s Men of a Certain Age : Season 2

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American Comedy-drama television series, Men of Certain Age Season 2 has been released on TNT on 6th December, 2010. It is created by the Mike Royce and Ray Romano, who worked together on “Everybody loves Raymond”. The story of the Men of a Certain Age follows the group of three buddies Joe, Owen and Terry, who keep their friendship going long after they have graduated and also manage the realities of middle age.

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Andre Braugher, Scott Bakula and Ray Romano are played the lead role in this series. TNT’s Men of a Certain Age season has set with total 22 Episodes.  The Last season of the Men of a Certain Age was become a more popular and attracted more than 5.4 millions viewers, so this season will definitely attract viewers. Continue Reading »


NBC’s ‘The Voice’ : Audition Dates, Time and Locations

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Auditions, for the hopeful new singing competition series ‘The Voice’ are announced to open in 2011 by NBC in cities across America. First audition will take place in Chicago on Friday, 14 January 2011. “The Voice” show concerns the best voice, real talent, unique sound, right attitude, and performance that make a permanent impression. All musical styles are being searched by the producers. Music industry professionals will select singers to compete weekly contest in front of a panel of coaches. Winner will be selected by America. Contestants have to share their personal stories and why they are a star in the making so they should prepare for that.

NBC's 'The Voice' : Audition Dates, Time and Locations

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