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HBO’s Boardwalk Empire – Premier, Cast & Trailer

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One of the most anticipated new television shows of the fall season, Boardwalk Empire has been started on premium cable network HBO on September 19, 2010. Boardwalk Empire is an American television series based on the novel Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times and Corruption of Atlantic City by Emmy award-winning screenwriter Nelson Johnson. Being directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese, the series is created and written by Terence Winter, who was one of the writers on another little HBO show called The Sopranos.

HBO's Boardwalk Empire - Premier, Cast & Trailer

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TLC’s Four Weddings Season 3

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TLC’s “Four Weddings” show has been renewed for a third season which sets to be premiere in February 2011. Season 3 will consist of 10 hour-long episodes.

“Four Weddings” is a new hit reality show on TLC, produced by ITV Productions. It is wedding competition series, where four unique brides with their own personal styles and traditions agree to attend each other’s weddings and judging on the basis of food, dress, venue, originality, and overall experience. The bride whose wedding scores highest is awarded a free dream honeymoon. Continue Reading »


TNT’s Tv show HawthoRNe Season 3 Spoilers

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HawthoRNE, Powerful Medical Drama’s Third Season has been ordered by TNT. Jada Pinkett Smith is executive-Producer of this season. HawthoRNe Season 3 is slated to return in 2011 and 10 new episodes of the hit series have been ordered by TNT.

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The Buried Life – Season 2 Trailer & Air date

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The Buried Life (a reality documentary series) Season 2 will start from Monday, September 27th, 2010 on MTV at 10:30/9:30c. The Buried Life Season 1 included 8 episodes and ended on March 8, 2010. This is the real life adventure of four friends (Duncan, Ben, Dave, and Jonnie) as they travel across North America in a purple transit bus to complete a list of “100 things to do before you die.”

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NBC’s TV Show Parenthood 2010 – Season 2 Cast & Spoilers

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NBC’s new TV series ‘Parenthood 2010′ has been renewed for the second season that already premiered last Tuesday on14 September, 2010. There were total 13 episodes of Parenthood aired, as of May 25, 2010 also including season finale episode “Lost and Found”.

Parenthood is an American one-hour comedy-drama series of NBC. It is based on the box office hit 1989 film of the same title and the second television series that updated on the film, the first television series aired during the 1990-1991. Continue Reading »


90210 Season 3 – Cast, Premiere & Wiki

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90210 Season 3 premiered on 13 September at 8 pm on CW channel. 90210 Season 3 is about a group of teenaged friends and enemies as they enter their senior year at Beverly Hills High school and face the pressures of preparing for college and the future. Get information about 90210 Season 3 cast and episode guide in this article.

90210 Season 3 - Cast, Premiere & Wiki

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Entourage Season 8 Spoilers & Start Date

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HBO proclaimed on August 7, 2010 that Entourage would return in the summer of 2011 for a shortened season 8, which will be the show’s last. The upcoming season may contain only six episodes, though the number of episodes was not officially revealed. Entourage fans must not miss this finale season as it will surely be very interesting and ending of the story.

Entourage is an American comedy-drama television series created by Doug Ellin and started on July 18, 2004 on HBO. Now Entourage Season 7 has been just completed on September 12, 2010 and renewed for an eighth and final season. Entourage will bring to us a new season in 2011. In the seventh-season finale (Episode 10: Lose Yourself), Ari’s emotional explosion threatens to undermine a surprise party for his wife the next day. In the meantime, Eric gets an offer from Scott, as well as a request from Terrance McQuewick, either of which could have a major impact on his future. To save the tequila business, Turtle fires on all cylinders. Continue Reading »